STP Update – Year 1 Rotations

03 December 2018

Following meetings with the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) it has been agreed that where all efforts have been exhausted and some or all of the rotations required during year 1 of training cannot be arranged. STP trainees can complete the competencies required through self-directed learning.

It should be noted that best practice for STP trainees requires full rotations in the relevant departments, therefore self-directed learning should only be used where all other plans have failed. 

As such ACE has distributed a guidance document for flexible rotational learning to all first year STPs. This document was drafted for those involved in the STP pilot program. It is now available via the ACE website to all members of ACE who have a trainee enrolled on either the pilot scheme or traditional STP program. Please note that all competencies (DOPs, OCEs, CELs) are the same regardless of the route of STP completion and will remain so to ensure all STP graduates are trained to the same high standard.

Where trainees use self-directed learning to complete the competencies, trainees will be required to upload evidence of rotational training within the same timeframe as those on rotation. Progression will be monitored and formally assessed as normal at the Annual Review of Progression. It is the responsibility of the Training Officer to ensure the rotational competencies are evidenced and completed to the required standards.

As a reminder to all Training Officers and trainees, OLAT has now become OneFile, all competencies and learning outcomes can therefore be found on OneFile. If you require a copy of the 2018 STP curricula, this can be found on the NSHCS website.

If any trainee requires any assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with ACE through Millie Kanani, co-opted STP ACE Executive committee member via email at

Please click here for guidance document for flexible rotational learning to all first year STPs.

Rachel Cutting – STP Working Group Lead.

Millie Kanani – Co-opted STP ACE Executive Committee Representative.

Louise Hyslop and Debbie Taylor – Training Committee Co-Chairs.

Hannah Kennedy – ACE Executive Committee Training Liaison.