ACE members voted at the AGM in favour of the possible unification of societies to form ARCS!

22 January 2019

Following the historic vote over the possibility of unification with the Association of Biomedical Andrologists and the British Andrology Society at our recent AGM, I am writing to inform you of the results. Those who were present at the AGM will be well aware that the membership voted by an overwhelming majority for ACE to move forward with our plans for a new society. 113 members voted in favour of the motion, with 4 against. This is a very clear mandate from the membership to move forward and the ACE executive and steering group for the new association (now tentatively christened the Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists (ARCS)) will continue to work hard on the project over the coming months.

Whilst the vote of the ACE membership is a pivotal step in the formation of ARCS, we still await the results of the AGMs of the ABA (due 15/5/19) and BAS (17/6/19). If the members of both societies vote in favour of the unification, then ARCS will come into existence in January 2020 and ACE, the ABA and BAS will cease to exist as separate organisations. 

The ACE executive team are confident that ARCS will be both beneficial to the membership and successful as an organisation if the plan goes ahead. However, if ABA and/or BAS do not vote in favour of unification, we are also confident that ACE will continue to grow and thrive, no weaker for having considered the option of unification.

We will keep the membership updated of developments as they occur, but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Executive.