Don't forget to complete the transgender survey and email your responses!

30 January 2019

ACE would like your input for a survey regarding the treatment of transgender patients.

Questions are listed below, or click here to download the word document: 'Transgender Survey 2019'.

All responses to be emailed to:

Centre number...........................

> Q1. Has your clinic been involved in fertility preservation for trans patients? 

Eggs only /Sperm only/ Both/ Neither  

> Q2. Do you have specific written information for trans women and trans men regarding fertility preservation?

Yes / No  

> Q3.  Do you routinely screen all trans-women as per a sperm donor and quarantine the frozen sperm?

Yes / No / Only if planning to use a surrogate  

> Q4.Have you applied to the CCG for NHS-funding for trans patient fertility preservation?

Yes / No  

> Q5. What form of identification to you request to verify identity pre- and post- transitioning?

Tick all applicable:

Passport only / NHS number / National Insurance Number / Other